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888Starz Promo Code 2024: Exclusive Welcome Bonus

Bonus Code GAME888

T&Cs Apply

New customers only

Commercial content.

*18+ age limit

Many members wish to receive the Melbet promo code. Is it possible, on general terms, to get the coveted combination of numbers, letters, or are coupons issued only on an individual basis? What are the advantages of the owners of such codes?

A promo code at 888Starz is a combination of letters and numbers that should be activated on our website to have access to greater sums of bonus money. Current promo code is GAME888. By activating it, you will boost both your signup bonuses for betting and casino games.

There is only one official 888Starz promo code to receive the bonus, it is: GAME888 only with it you will receive an exclusive 888Starz sports betting bonus up to $/€130 and an exclusive GAME888 casino welcome bonus up to $/€ 1950 and 150 FS (free spins) , all other codes are not valid and do not give such a bonus.

888starz promo code

Obtain 50 Bonus Spins to be a member at 888Starz casino, as much as € 1950 sign-up bonus. All that you’re familiar with at any other online casino you must have come across in the past, just lay them aside and make room to imbibe something new at 888STARZ casino. 888STARZ casino put everything in place in its capacity for players to strike it rich at the casino. Every member at the hub can choose to be an investor by becoming a cash-rich financier of the casino before you know it. Sure, players make losses, but at 888Starz casino, you can’t get discouraged with losses with the fact that the operator promises members to be a winner at any time even though their bets are hitting it well or not on account of the 88-reward plan. You will get to find out all that’s necessary about 888STARZ casino, along with its special payback idea.

888Starz promo code: GAME888

Every high-minded 888Starz casino has a warrant that gives them an edge to operate properly in some specific countries, definitely 888STARZ casino is as one – the firm operations are subject to the Curacao government. 888Starz casino was incorporated not quite long in 2020 by Bittech B.V. In a little time; it’s rated one of the top blockchain-established casino gaming websites by virtue of its strange reward plan complemented with several encouraging responses about 888starz casino from players. Apart from the casino aspect, 888Starz serves a very large bookmaker feature with favorable odds. Moreover, the site allows for multiple language features that make its offerings, texts conveyable far beyond 60 language options; likewise, you’d be able to experience a call center in many diverse languages, particularly your dialect.

Best 888Starz promo code: GAME888 and when you use it during registration, you can claim an exclusive sports betting welcome bonus worth 200% up to €/$130 888Starz welcomes new players to a variety of bonus.

How to Use 888Starz Promo Code?

We have made it very simple for our players to use the 888Starz bonus code so that the whole process is as comfortable as possible. In order to activate it, you will be required to launch our website and create a profile. In addition, one should transfer funds to receive the main signup reward , which will be augmented with the 888Starz promo code. Below you can find a detailed guide on how to use the GAME888 on our website:

  • Visit our website and initiate the registration procedure by clicking the “Registration” button.
  • Choose a type of registration that you are going to complete.
  • Pick a type of bonus that you are going to use.
  • Complete the form.
  • Activate the promo code – GAME888 in a special field.
  • Complete the registration procedure by clicking the “Register” button below the form.

After all these steps are done, you should top up your profile balance in order to receive the chosen signup promotion, which will be augmented with the promo code funds.

As you become a member at 888Starz casino, you’ll get used to its watchword “Bet, mine, Win!” this shows how valued the Rewards plan is; now, we’d like to analyze in great detail at this concept. If you have goals to make money, just relax your wish can come true with 888Starz casino. You just need to play games & have a mesmerizing gameplay. While you gamble at 888STARZ, you are open to claiming 888 tokens – these are standard tokens based upon the Tron cryptographic ledger, simultaneously crypto dividends of 888Starz casino. You’ll get 888Tron tokens topped to your dashboard without considering the game result. The technique is identified as “mining.” In the way you get tokens, without you putting anything to effect, you become an investor of 888-token and receive earnings in tether.

How to use the Promo Code Using the 888Starz Application?

888Starz customers can enjoy all types of bonuses, including our promo code, via a special app that we deliver for free to all players. With this application, you can place wagers and entertain yourself with online casino games from wherever you are. To activate the promo with the 888Starz app, customers are required to perform several simple steps that are described in the following lines:

  1. Go to our site using a portable device.
  2. Tap the “Download 888Starz App” button there.
  3. Complete the download procedure and install the application on your device.
  4. Launch the 888Starz application and tap the “Registration” button.
  5. Select a type of registration and your signup reward.
  6. Complete the form and activate the GAME888 in a special field.
  7. Tap the “Register” button to complete the signup procedure.
  8. Deposit money by using one of the acceptable financial options.

After the funds reach the balance, you will be able to enjoy the promocode. Keep in mind that you should transfer at least $10 to be eligible for the first deposit gift.

The whole of this casino turnout is accumulated to the Reward stock, which is then is distributed to all partakers involved in gambling tokens at their account at daily intervals. 65% of these gross earnings are distributed among members, while the other 35% is shared among the casino managements. Feel free to withdraw the rewards straightaway on the crypto wallet, and you will be able to convert without difficulty in your normal currency. You should be aware that the regular cashflow earnings to expect turns to the number of tokens had. Have extra 888 tokens, and expect added revenue. And, perhaps you want to bet further with the tokens, do good to purchase them on not-centered trade platforms, for instance, “Coinsbit,” then pay into the account.

Main Information about 888STARZ Casino

888STARZ stands as a unique online casino, setting itself apart as the sole provider globally to offer players an unmatched reward system rooted in its proprietary cryptocurrency, 888Tron tokens, known as 888. Here, the gaming experience transcends the conventional, offering not just the thrill of casino gameplay and occasional winnings, but also the promise of a consistent stream of passive income.

Remarkably, in 2020, the ingenious team at 888STARZ casino introduced a one-of-a-kind investment gaming platform. To date, it has disbursed an impressive $15 million in dividends to its dedicated players. The casino boasts registration on the island of Curacao, operating under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands (8048/JAZ2020-048), ensuring its legal standing and reliability.

What sets 888STARZ apart is its blockchain architecture, which imbues the platform with heightened security and transactional swiftness for all player activities. The casino proudly adopts the slogan “Play, Mine, Earn,” a motto that isn’t mere lip service. At 888STARZ Casino, gambling takes on an entirely new dimension, one that promises unparalleled profitability and ease. This platform offers players a peerless opportunity to mine cryptocurrency while indulging in a world of exhilarating and diverse games, delivering an unrivaled gaming experience like no other.

Dividend Model of 888STARZ Casino

While most online casinos typically offer rewards to players, particularly frequent ones, contingent on their betting success, 888STARZ has introduced an unprecedented dividend model. Here, players earn income irrespective of whether their bets result in wins or losses. This innovative approach applies across all casino sections, excluding poker and sports betting, which do not participate in the dividend model.

At the close of each day, the casino recalculates all its earnings. An impressive 65% of this sum feeds into the 888STARZ Reward Pool, which gets distributed among users based on their gaming activity. The remaining 35% goes to the dedicated casino team, tirelessly working to enhance the system’s functionality and user-friendliness.

The journey into this unique dividend model begins when you register on the casino’s website, make an initial deposit, and place bets totaling at least $80. At this point, you become a member of the dividend model, and 888 tokens start accruing in your special account. These tokens are versatile; you can withdraw them to various cryptocurrency exchanges, trade them, exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, or even use them for purchases. In essence, these tokens transcend mere in-game currency; they are bona fide cryptocurrencies, on par with many others listed on the international cryptocurrency market.

It’s crucial to emphasize that these tokens earned through gambling carry intrinsic value. Even if you refrain from engaging in further activities, or if your interest in gambling wanes, but you retain 888 tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet on the casino’s website, you continue to receive a steady stream of passive income. In essence, your token holdings grow over time, effectively enriching you. This innovative approach to generating income within the realm of gambling is a departure from the conventional notion of gambling as a one-way financial drain.

888Starz Promo Code 2023: Exclusive Welcome Bonus
888Starz Free Promo Code Welcome Bonus – GAME888

Payments in 888STARZ Casino

Cryptocurrencies lie at the core of the 888STARZ casino system, providing players with the option to receive their winnings in various digital currencies. This distinctive feature sets 888STARZ apart from all other casinos worldwide. Currently, players have access to an impressive selection of 30 cryptocurrencies, including TRON, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and numerous others. The list is set to expand in the near future, reflecting the commitment of the 888STARZ team to diversity.

However, recognizing the importance of choice, 888STARZ extends flexibility to its players. In addition to cryptocurrencies, players have the option to receive their winnings in traditional dollars through fiat payments. This means that players can withdraw their winnings to Visa and MasterCard bank cards.

Opting for cryptocurrency withdrawals presents several advantages. It’s notably faster, with transactions occurring almost instantly. It also offers enhanced security, and there’s the convenience of being able to withdraw even minimal amounts, starting from just $1. In contrast, traditional fiat payments take up to 24 hours and are only available for larger amounts, typically starting from $25.

This multi-faceted approach to payment options ensures that players can tailor their casino experience to their preferences, whether they prioritize speed, security, or the choice of currency for their withdrawals.

888STARZ Bonus System

888STARZ casino appreciates both new players and regulars. Therefore, after registering and placing the first amount on the deposit, each newbie receives a bonus of 1500 euros, which can be spent on any bet.

  1. 100% bonus up to €300 
  2. 50%  bonus up to €350
  3. 25% bonus up to €400
  4. 25% bonus up to €450

On top of that, new players receive 200 free spins, including 50 FS no deposit required! In order to claim the complimentary free spins, you need to use code: GAME888.

  • Only registered and verified 888starz.bet users can activate the promo code.
  • For successful verification, the user has to fill out: all required fields of section «CONTACT DETAILS» and e-mail in «Personal Profile» tab.
  • The promo code can be activated only on the «Bonuses and Gifts» section of the personal account.
  • Free spins are valid for 5 days after activation.
  • The bonus should be wagered by the player at their expense.
  • The‌ ‌wagering‌ ‌requirement‌ ‌is‌ x30‌.

And regular customers, as their status strengthens, get access to exclusive games and more profitable sports betting odds. The most ardent adherents of the casino receive VIP status and an increased rate of tokens accrual to their bonus account.

888STARZ Games And Software

The gaming repertoire at 888STARZ Casino boasts an impressive selection of over 3500 games. Within this extensive collection, players can explore a diverse range that encompasses both timeless classics, such as various roulette variants, hundreds of slot machines, live games, and scratch cards, as well as exclusive offerings. These exclusive games encompass lotto, virtual sports, and simulations that recreate experiences like fishing or hunting. The variety of games rivals the best entertainment venues in Las Vegas, promising an exceptional gaming experience.

It’s worth noting that all games featured in the 888STARZ Casino collection are not only entertaining but also legally licensed. They are crafted by trusted game providers, ensuring both fairness and quality. Additionally, these games offer a high Return to Player (RTP) value, enhancing the chances of players enjoying fruitful outcomes.

To cater to the modern player’s preferences, 888STARZ Casino has introduced a new mobile application, which is available for free download directly from the casino’s website. This convenient addition simplifies the gambling experience, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games on the go. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your gaming convenience with this user-friendly mobile app!

888STARZ Sports Betting

888STARZ goes beyond traditional gambling, offering a dedicated sports betting section that sets it apart from many bookmakers. What distinguishes this platform are its nearly foolproof odds and an extensive range of sports options. While many bookmakers offer standard sports like hockey, football, and basketball, 888STARZ takes it further by including a wide array of sports to bet on, including badminton, tennis, rugby, handball, and many more. This diverse selection allows sports enthusiasts to explore and bet on a broad spectrum of athletic competitions, making 888STARZ a versatile and appealing destination for both gambling and sports betting aficionados.


In conclusion, 888STARZ Casino represents a groundbreaking innovation in the world of gambling. It’s a sanctuary where the fear of losing is mitigated, and the opportunity to earn real money through gameplay is tangible. It stands as a testament to the dedication of a skilled team of professionals and a vibrant community of loyal players. Being a part of this community is not just enjoyable but also exhilarating, promising a gaming experience that redefines the boundaries of excitement and profitability.

About 888Starz

888Starz.bet is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency casino that ushers in the next generation of online gambling. With a staggering selection of over 3,500 games, this platform is a veritable playground for enthusiasts. What sets it apart is its embrace of leading blockchain and smart contract technologies, including Tron, EOS, and Ethereum, adding an extra layer of transparency and security to the gaming experience.

One of the most distinctive features of this platform is its innovative rewards system. Here, users have the remarkable opportunity to mine valuable cryptocurrency while indulging in their favorite games. This unique approach not only enhances the entertainment value of the casino but also opens up a whole new realm of earning potential for players.

888 Starz Bonus Code

The 888Starz Bonus Code is GAME888. Using this code on the site will entitle you to the best welcome offer available: €1,950 30 free spins. The package is broken down into four deposits giving you new rewards at each stage. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • 1st deposit – 100% 30% bonus and 30 free spins
  • 2nd deposit – 50% bonus and 35 free spins
  • 3rd deposit – 25% bonus  and 40 free spins
  • 4th deposit – 25% bonus and 45 free spins

Claiming the 888Starz Welcome Bonus

With your account ready, it’s time to log in and make a deposit. You can transfer funds by using a cryptocurrency – but you can also pay via Skrill, Neteller or even pre-paid cards. Here’s what you have to do to finalise your sign up:

  • Login to your account
  • Click deposit and then choose a payment
  • Select how much you want to deposit
  • Enjoy the first tier of your welcome package

Like most casino offers, there are some terms and conditions to keep in mind. You can check these at the end of this article.

Games & Software

888 Starz offers game from over 80 software suppliers – giving customers access to over 3,000 slots, table games and live dealer tables.  The selection is outstanding – and thanks to a flawless lobby design, it’s easy to pick out games to play. You can sort by a number of categories, by provider or check your most recently played. Slots dominate most of the games selection with a large variety of progressive jackpots and Megaways titles. If you’re struggling to know what you should play – all games come with a demo function – allowing you to try before you buy. Popular games include:

  • Book of God
  • Coco Tiki
  • Lucky 7 
  • Potion Trick
  • Golden Bull
  • Book of Tribes Reloaded

888Starz.bet offers an extensive array of table games, catering to both online and live dealer enthusiasts. The live casino segment stands out as one of the website’s flagship features, granting users access to a vast pool of live dealers at the click of a button. Here, you’ll not only encounter classic casino games like blackjack and roulette but also the latest game show-style offerings such as Crazy Time and Dream Catcher. For sports enthusiasts, the sportsbook is a treasure trove, featuring hundreds of events spanning top global sports like football, NBA, and more.

The diversity of games on 888Starz.bet is truly exceptional. You’ll find an extensive selection of slot machines numbering in the thousands, ranging from authentic classics to contemporary favorites. The live dealer game selection is also extensive, covering a wide spectrum of table games, including poker and dice.

If you’re a devoted slots enthusiast, the slot machine section is a haven where you can spin the finest slots from renowned software providers like Amatic, PlaySon, Microgaming, QuickSpin, BetSoft, and 1x2Gaming. The themes of these slots span various storylines, from historical periods like Ancient Egypt and the Maya era (with titles like Book of Ra, Rise of Ra, Enchanted Cleopatra, Pharaoh’s Tomb), holiday-themed games (e.g., Christmas Candy, Valentine’s Fortune), and even famous movies (e.g., Plata o Plomo). You can also embark on adventures (Wolf Saga, Prince of Persia) or revel in sporting events (Football Mania).

In the “Live Casino” section, you can immerse yourself in the ambiance of a brick-and-mortar casino with real-time live dealers. This immersive experience allows you to partake in live European roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live keno, live poker, and more. This section offers an impressive selection of over 500 live dealer games from 15 different providers, including industry giants like Authentic Gaming, Evolution Gaming, XPG, Ezugi, and other renowned software developers.

888Starz Cryptocurrency

888Starz introduces a unique and innovative system that allows players to earn cryptocurrency tokens known as 888Tron (or 888) while actively engaging in games on the platform. What sets this approach apart is that it doesn’t hinge on whether your bets result in wins or losses; you accumulate cryptocurrency regardless of the outcome. The number of tokens you receive depends on the size of the bets you place, with larger bets leading to more substantial rewards. All earned credits are deposited directly into your account for added convenience.

Moreover, any bets that result in losses are not lost entirely; instead, they are directed to a designated account called the Reward Pool. At regular 24-hour intervals, players who hold 888 tokens will receive a portion of this pool, thanks to the implementation of smart contract technology. Your share of the pool is determined by the quantity of smart tokens you hold with the platform. In essence, the more tokens you possess, the larger your portion of the pool, making it a rewarding incentive for active participants.

It’s important to note that, like most cryptocurrencies, there is a finite supply of tokens available. As more tokens are mined and acquired, the currency’s value tends to increase, creating additional motivation for users to engage and accumulate tokens within the 888Starz ecosystem. This approach not only enhances the gaming experience but also offers players the potential for long-term value accumulation through their token holdings.

Other Bonuses and Promotions

In addition to the 888Starz promo code, our valued customers can look forward to a plethora of other generous gifts and rewards that are readily available on the website. These bonuses enhance your ability to bet on your favorite sports or engage in online casino games. Alongside the signup promotions, you can expect to enjoy the following enticing rewards:

  1. 50% Second Deposit Bonus: After fulfilling the rollover requirements for the first deposit promotion, you have the opportunity to claim a second deposit bonus, allowing you to receive an additional $100 in your bonus account.
  2. Tuesday and Thursday Bonuses: You can reap the benefits of bonuses on the second and fourth days of the week. 888Starz offers 50% and 100% bonuses, giving you the means to place more wagers on your preferred sports matches.
  3. Esports Bonus Calendar: With 888Starz, you can access a special cashback offer every day when you place bets on a specific esports discipline. The cashback amount varies from 10 to 30 percent, adding extra value to your esports betting experience.
  4. Birthday Gift: To make your birthday even more special, all our customers receive a unique free bet gift on their special day. Please note that you’ll need to complete the verification process before gaining access to this treat.
  5. Casino Bonuses: Engage in games from Pragmatic Play and other renowned software providers to receive exclusive cash and free spins bonuses when you explore the casino offerings on 888Starz.
  6. VIP Cashback: For those who indulge in online casino gaming at 888Starz, there’s a dedicated VIP casino cashback offer. By increasing your gaming activity, you can ascend to the highest VIP level, unlocking an impressive 11% cashback payment for all casino losses.

These generous rewards and bonuses showcase 888Starz’s commitment to providing its customers with an enriching and rewarding gaming experience.

How to deposit funds into your account

888starz offers over 110 ways to deposit and withdraw – including 30 cryptocurrency options. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin are all available for deposits and withdrawals on the platform. Skrill, Neteller and prepaid cards are also accepted. Withdrawal times vary greatly depending on what method you use. For example – a debit card withdrawal can take up to 7 days. Ewallets and crypto wallets can take less than 15 minutes.  

Terms and conditions

Here are the crucial terms of the main welcome bonus:  

  • The bonus is only credited to accounts with fully completed profiles.
  • To receive the free spins, the customer’s phone number must have been activated by the time they fulfil the bonus wagering requirement. If their phone number has not been activated, the free spins will not be credited to their account.
  • Before making a deposit into their account, customers must agree to receive a casino bonus either on the ‘Account Settings’ page in the My Account section, or directly on the ‘Deposit’ page.
  • If a customer switches between different types of bonuses (having already selected a bonus type), declines bonuses or receives the other type of bonus, they lose the right to participate in the Company’s bonus offers for subsequent deposits, including a welcome package.
  • If you make a deposit while the previous deposit bonus is still being redeemed, the next deposit bonus will not be awarded. So, for example, if the First Deposit Bonus has not been redeemed, the Second Deposit Bonus will only be awarded after all the terms of the First Deposit Bonus have been met.
  • When making a deposit, money may not be credited to your account instantaneously. Please keep this in mind with regard to receiving and redeeming bonuses.

Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the main missions of the 888STARZ team is to take care of the players and to provide the best conditions for them. Unlike most other casinos, the 888STARZ casino accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies as payment options. When it comes to deposits or withdrawals, you don’t need to rack your brain trying to make a payment, because all easy popular methods are already available on the platform.

30 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, TRON, Verge, DigiByte, NYM, Binance Coin, Cardano), Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Piastrix, Neteller, PaySafeCard, GrataPay Vouchers – and the list is constantly updated.

Quick Feedback

If during the use of the site you have any problems, the specialists of the 888STARZ team are ready to answer you and solve your problems as soon as possible. We don’t leave our clients in trouble!


Can I Use the 888Starz Bonus Code Twice?

Can I Use the 888Starz Bonus Code Twice?

No, you can’t. The bonus is available only once when you complete the registration procedure. After you activate it in a special field, the bonus code becomes inactive, and you will not be able to re-use it later.

Is It Necessary to Use the 888Starz Promo Code?

Is It Necessary to Use the 888Starz Promo Code?

No, it isn’t. You can use all the functions of the website and receive bonuses without activating the promo campaign. However, by using the GAME888 promo code, you will boost the balance that you will receive with the signup rewa

Can I Withdraw Bonus Code Money?

Can I Withdraw Bonus Code Money?

Yes, you can. However, before you will be able to cash out your bonus code money as well as the winnings that you have made with them, you will be required to meet the rollover that depends on what type of promotions you

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